2022/2023 Alpaca Owners Guide

 AOA SHOW SYSTEM With more than 65 show competitions each year, AOA has the largest alpaca show system in the world. It is responsible for developing the judge training curriculum and certification process as well as development and review of show rules, provided to exhibitors in the Show System Handbook. Additionally, the Show System manages the process for all shows requesting AOA certification.  AOA REGISTRY

 Production of the highly-acclaimed official industry publication, Alpacas Magazine  Support and encouragement for both alpaca breeding and fleece/fiber programs  National alpaca marketing efforts  Marketing tools to assist AOA members with promoting farms, farm stores, alpacas, and alpaca products  Tools for making breeding decisions based on valuable genetic information utilizing the Expected Progeny Differences (EPD) program  Information and educational resources for those seeking to learn about alpacas  A nine-member Board of Directors elected by the membership  Committees working on government and industry relations, show rules, judge training, fleece and fiber, marketing, and other areas affecting the membership  A national office located in Lincoln, Nebraska, where AOA staff provide support to the industry  An online library of alpaca-related publications, videos, and documents  Regional affiliate organizations providing local alpaca promotion and member involvement

AOA’s Alpaca Registry is the largest of its kind in the world. Using advanced DNA technology, AOA validates the parentage of alpacas

submitted for pedigree registration. Once an alpaca’s parentage has been validated, AOA issues a registration certificate that provides known lineage (back to point of importation) and assigns a unique number to each alpaca. Alpacas born to a registered sire and dam qualify for AOA registration. In 1998, members closed the registry to previously unregistered alpacas and their offspring.


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