2022/2023 Alpaca Owners Guide

For more information on insurance to meet your specific needs, please consult with a livestock insurance professional.

Photo courtesy of Farm and Fleece, LLC

The required forms to insure an alpaca include an application and declaration of health for animals insured for less than a certain amount, or a Veterinary Certificate if an animal is insured for more than that amount; has had a health issue in the past 36 months; or is less than 90 days old or more than 13-years old. Crias can be insured after they become 24 hours old with a satisfactory veterinary certificate of examination and IgG test reading. The rates for crias are higher if they are insured before they reach 90 days old, and the rate is the same for alpacas from 90 days to 13-years-old (excluding some imports born before 1996).

Herd deductible options are available if your herd totals more than 10 and its total value exceeds a certain amount. There are potential savings in premium of as much as 40% with a herd schedule. Herdsire "permanent disability" insurance is also available as an endorsement to the mortality coverage. This covers the male for his agreed insured value in the event he becomes sterile during the policy period as a result of an accident, sickness, or disease. There is a special application and veterinary form for this coverage. 

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