2022/2023 Alpaca Owners Guide

presents the Alpaca Owners Guide


5 Welcome from Alpaca Owners Association 6 Alpaca Owners Association Overview 10 10 Things to Get You Started at www.Alpacainfo.com 11 AOA Regional Affiliates 12 Alpacas in North America: A Short History 16 Frequently Asked Questions 22 Alpacas: A Labor of Love 26 The Environmental Friendliness of Alpacas By David E. Anderson, DVM 28 Recommended Practices in Caring for Alpacas and Llamas 36 Minimum Standards of Care for Alpacas 38 Labor Saving Farm Gadgets 40 Alpaca Barns, Pens, and Pastures By Bill and Sherri Duey 44 Fiber as a Business 48 Making Money with Alpaca Products By Rachel Hendrickson 54 Agritourism: Your Farm. Your Plan. By Shelly Walsh 58 An Introduction to Showing Alpacas 62 Insuring Your Alpaca: The Basics By Deb Gale 64 A Bright Future Lies Ahead for the North American Alpaca Industry 70 Regional Farm and Ranch Listings 138 Marketplace 143 Ad Index Cover photo "Learning To Walk With Alpacas" by Rebecca Camma, The Alpacas Of Spring Acres 2022 AOA Photo Contest Judge's Choice Winner




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