2022/2023 Alpaca Owners Guide

 A Labor of Love While many alpaca business owners do, indeed, enjoy their morning cup of coffee while watching their herd in the field, this is just a small portion of their day. Just like any livestock owner, alpaca owners put a lot of labor into their business. Stacie Chavez arranged for Seed2Need, a lo cal organization that grows food for people in need, to pick up manure every other week. Alpaca manure is a rich soil conditioner that improves soil quality and its ability to retain water. Now, Seed2Need sells composted alpaca manure to help fund their efforts.

The common element you will find with all suc

cessful alpaca business owners is that they enjoy

Everything about the care of any livestock is easier when you have help and support to guide you.

what they do. And there are so many things about

this livestock to enjoy. The alpaca industry is, in

many cases, 100 percent American-made from

start to finish. Employees are being hired to work

on farms, creating jobs for Americans. The alpaca

industry receives no government subsidies or

other similar support. Alpacas are environmen

tally friendly. When compared to other livestock,

alpacas are a safe animal for children to work with,

and the entire family can get involved.

Ensuring proper shelter, solid fencing, general health checks and regular vetting, and assisting in the birth of crias (baby al pacas) are just some of the other day-to-day tasks a successful alpaca business owner faces.

For more information about the alpaca industry, to locate

a farm near you, or to view a calendar of upcoming shows and

events, visit www.alpacainfo.com. 

Photo courtesy of The Alpacas Of Spring Acres

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