2022/2023 Alpaca Owners Guide

The Judge Training and Certification Committee works with the Show System Administrator to coordinate the judge certification program, including implementation of the certification process and providing assistance in the planning, organizing, and development of judge training clinics. The Judges Advisory Committee assists show committees and AOA through research and professional input regarding show rules and related show activities. The Marketing Committee advises the Board on marketing matters including overall customer insight, marketing strategy and capability, and the development and implementation, with staff help, of the organization’s marketing plan. The Youth Committee builds a collaborative relationship with Affiliates, 4-H and FFA to tailor a youth program focused on long-term investment in the alpaca industry.

The Membership Committee reviews cur r ent membe r sh i p levels to determine if they

contain the appropriate services and researches potential new membership types. This committee also develops ideas for adding value to paid memberships and incentivizing alpaca owners to become members of AOA.

The Show Rules Committee works with the Show System Administrator in the planning, coordination, and guidance of aspects relating to the AOA Show System. Through the show system handbook, the committee ensures a system that rewards the quality of exhibited alpacas through a balanced assessment according to standards established by industry members, promotes and protects the health and well-being of the alpaca, and encourages wide participation of industry members in showing and judging by adhering to a code of fairness and highest ethics.  AOA REGIONAL AFFILIATES In addition to being amember of AOA, another important part of the alpaca experience is membership in AOA Regional Affiliates. Located throughout the United States, affiliates sponsor regional AOA Certified Shows, run fiber pools, and offer educational seminars on a variety of topics. Membership in an affiliate also offers tremendous opportunities to build relationships with other alpaca owners in your geographic area. This support network is very important as you build your alpaca business. 

The AOA Fiber and Fiber Products Committee encourages design students to work with alpaca through the Student Design Competition.


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